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Broken, wounded people needing refuge fill our world. Brockway’s Family Life Center is such a place, safe and healing, where people can reconcile with God and those they love. Through the ministry of Vicki Lemire, MS, LMFT, live are accessing grace from God, grace to heal relationship, and grace to be made new on the insides of themselves. Beginning in 1999 Vicki’s journey as a therapist has lead her on a journey from Wichita, Kansas; though Houston, Texas; Central Indiana, and finally to Brockway. Along the way she has treated depression, anxiety, parent/child problems, marital discord; serving individuals, couples, or family groups. Her special gift and training is working with children, and adolescence. For more information about Vicki, her credentials, the Family Life Center, or questions about healing and therapy; please call 989-287-4333.

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