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Education is more than training for adulthood, for a carrier, or to develop a marketable skill. On the contrary, education is preparation for life. Deep in the soul of every human being is an understanding that he or she is made for more than simply performance; there is a longing for satisfaction. We are convinced and convicted that Jesus Christ is the only One that satisfies that longing

Brockway Christian Academy exists for the stated purpose of calling and training children and young people to follow Jesus with all of their being. We recognize that training like this is not offered in schools that are run by the government or local school board, but it should be offered by the Church. For nearly 40 years the Academy has not only educated young minds, but trained followers of Jesus. Our team of pastors, Christian educators, parents, and grandparents will lead your young person in the way of Jesus, pray for your child, as well as pray over your child; cherishing them as a Treasure from the Lord Jesus. When we say “no child left behind,” we mean that all the children will be taught by the Lord

Since 1978 the Academy has employed the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum in the Learning Center, enabling each student to work at his or her own pace. With each student exploring and learning individually, the demands on the “teachers” are lower, so they serve more as facilitators called “Supervisors.”

As your child grow physically, and spiritually, please consider how Brockway Christian Academy might serve you, and your family to enhance their learning, development, and spiritual advancement.

If you would like to Enroll your child Please contact us.

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