Brockway is an old church with a young heart. Loving Jesus and loving others for His sake is what we do. We are flawed, but we view those flaws like divinely designed opportunities for Jesus to heal us, and teach. So, it is a privilege to participate in life with God and with His people. It is an adventure. This is what church is all about: Knowing Jesus and introducing other people to Him.

For nearly 150 years people have been meeting on our country corner to worship Jesus. In the early days it was in a borrowed school house that has since been razed. While the preacher was unable to “show up” every Sunday, the worship continued, led by other followers of Jesus, teaching Sunday school, leading singing, sharing words of encouragement, and caring for each other’s souls. Before long a building was constructed, dedicated to worship, a sanctuary, focusing the little band of worshippers on an identity to share. The Brockway family, attenders of the growing church, owned the land on which the church was constructed and the name stuck to the church. For several years the small wood framed church building served the congregation, but eventually it was inadequate to serve the needs of the size, services, and vision of Brockway. In late 1960’s and into the 1970’s new building were constructed: a new sanctuary, followed quickly by an educational wing. Within a few years a multipurpose building was built; including a kitchen, a small gym, and extra class rooms.

While the story of the buildings is interesting, it is the people that make the church; people who are warm, kind hearted, and fun. These are people who have worked through tragedy, loneliness, and loss, finding God as good as His word, and finding grace to continue serving each other and their community. These people fit Oscar Wilde’s description of a saint, “every saint has a past”, but they also believe in the promise that the Bible gives us (and Oscar Wilde also said) “every sinner has a future.”

Come and join the family at Brockway. Find the goodness and wholesome healing of grace, experience the love of God’s people, and the approval of the God who made you.

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